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Rural Residential

A Viking Building can be ideally suited for the larger property that is primarily residential but requires storage for equipment, vehicles, horses, etc.  Basically, a residential barn/garage concept.

Here are some examples:

This 24 x 40' (960 sq. ft.) garage has a 10' wall (interior) height, 3 walls are clad in coloured steel, while the front face is board and baton. The roof and trims are coloured steel. 2 bay doors 18' x 8', 9' x 8', steel sectional insulated, residential. 2 entrance doors and 1 large window, 2 octagon windows. The concrete floor is 5” thick and re-enforced.
Location: Flamborough
Primary use: Detached residential garage.


This 24' x 40' (960 sq. ft.) garage was built to match the existing attached garage. 10' wall height with Gambel style roof design, 3 – 9' x 8' steel sectional insulated bay doors, 2 – windows, maintenance free coloured steel cladding, and trims, 5” thick concrete floor. This building provides enough storage for 6 classic cars.
Location: Caledon
Primary use: Classic car storage

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This 24' x 32' (786 sq. ft.) hobby-shop/garage has 10' high walls, 14' to the peak. The two steel sectional bay doors are 9' Wx 8' H. The building is completely maintenance free with coloured galvanized steel cladding on the roof,walls and all trims. The concrete floor is 5” think re-enforced and troweled to a smooth finish.
Locations: Dunnville Area
Primary use: Garden equipment, workshop, vehicles

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