Viking Building Systems  
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Rural Residential

A Viking Building can be ideally suited for the larger property that is primarily residential but requires storage for equipment, vehicles, horses, etc.  Basically, a residential barn/garage concept.

Here are some examples:

This 32' x 40' (1,280 sq. ft.) is the car collector's dream garage. 12' wall height with a combination scissor truss and attic design. This allows for additional interior height and storage space. Two large bay doors, entrance door and windows. R-30 pink insulation in the ceiling with R-20 in the walls. The entire interior is clad with interior steel liner. A 6” re-enforced concrete floor completes the package.
Locations: Cambridge
Primary use: Classic car workshop/storage/show room


This 30' x 40' (1200 sq. ft.) accessory building was built to compliment the newly constructed home. With 10' hight walls, and maintenance free cladding, it prides addition space for vehicles, tractors snowmobiles etc. two steel sectional residential door and 5 windows completing the package. The concrete floor is 5” thick and re-enforced.
Location: Newmarket
Primary used: Additional storage and workshop to maintain, 5 acre property.

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This 28' x 40' (1,120 sq. ft.) hobby shop compliments and matches the existing home. The wall height is 10' with a 6/12 pitch roof and scissor truss to allow for more interior height. The bay doors, windows, and entrance door match the home. Maintenance free coloured steel cladding completes the exterior. With a 5” thick concrete floor, and insulated walls and ceiling this is a perfect hobby shop for the car collector.
Locations: Bolton
Primary use: Hobby shop, classic, sports cars

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