Viking Building Systems  
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Rural Residential

A Viking Building can be ideally suited for the larger property that is primarily residential but requires storage for equipment, vehicles, horses, etc.  Basically, a residential barn/garage concept.

Here are some examples:

This building is a 32 ft. x 54 ft. (1728 sq. ft.) with a 12 ft. high wall.  The bay doors are 12 ft. wide and 10 ft. high steel sectional roll ups.  Larger windows allow for more functionality, while the Board and Baton provide a country look.  The floor is concrete and the roof is cost efficient coloured steel.  
Location: Flamborough.
Primary Use: Equipment and vehicle storage.


This building is 32 ft. x 72 ft. (2304 sq. ft.) with 10 ft. high walls.  One half of the building or 36 ft. is used for six 12 ft. x 12 ft. horse stables, tack, and wash-down areas.  The other half is for hay and equipment storage.  Coloured steel cladding completes the building.  One large bay door, eight windows, and two octagon vents complete the accessories. 
Location: North Burlington/Milton.
Primary Use: Horse stables, hay, and equipment storage.

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This mid-size building provides the perfect size 32 ft. x 48 ft. (1536 sq. ft.) for country residential living.  A 10 ft. wall height, two entrance doors, and one bay door offer efficient use of space.  Steel cladding provides no exterior maintenance and offers a 25 year guarantee.
Location: Caledonia/Cayuga.
Primary Use: Older car, equipment, and new vehicle storage.  

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