Viking Building Systems  
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Rural Residential

A Viking Building can be ideally suited for the larger property that is primarily residential but requires storage for equipment, vehicles, horses, etc.  Basically, a residential barn/garage concept.

Here are some examples:

24 x 40' (960 sq. ft.)

This garage features two 9' x 8' bay doors, entrance door and windows to match the existing house.

Location: Brantford


26' x 42' (1092 sq. ft.)

The 3 bay doors allow for easy access to the entire building and multiple windows provide plenty of natural light. A scissor truss design, with high lift door tracks, provide lots of interior height.

We worked with the home owners to ensure the design and finished product met all their requirements and needs.

Location: Sheffield

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24' x 40' (960 sq. ft.)

This garage features coloured steel roof with board & baton exterior. Three 9' x 8'  steel sectional residential doors, entrance door and 2 windows finish the exterior. 10' high interior space with radiant floor heating and a 5" thick concrete pad.

Locations: Caledon

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