Viking Building Systems  
63 San Marino, Hamilton, ON L9C 2B6 Office: (905) 388-7846 Cell: (905) 541-4235
A Viking Building can be designed for function and appearance.  A variety of exterior claddings can be used, including coloured steel, board and baton, lap siding, or vinyl.  Your roof can be shingle or coloured steel.  Windows, entrance doors, bay doors, vents, etc., can accent to match and enhance your property.

This garage is 24' x 30' (720 sq. ft.) with an interior height of 9'. The bay door is 9' x 7'. There is one entrance door and three windows.The floor was 5” think re-enforced concrete with a smooth finish.

Location: Welland


This 24' x 32' (768 sq. ft.) garage features a unique truss design which allows 13' of clearance in the centre, while conforming to the local municipal bylaws. The front bay door is 12' x 8' while the back bay door is 8' x 7'.The concrete floor is 5” thick and poured over a customer installed radiant floor heating system.

Location: Orangeville


This 24' x 35' (864 sq. ft.) garage features an open second floor (864 sq. ft.) Features a Gambrel style roof, with coloured steel cladding exterior. Two 9' x 8' bay doors, entrance door and two windows on the second floor. The floor is 5" think concrete.

Location: Beamsville

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