Viking Building Systems  
63 San Marino, Hamilton, ON L9C 2B6 Office: (905) 388-7846 Cell: (905) 541-4235
A Viking Building can be designed for function and appearance.  A variety of exterior claddings can be used, including coloured steel, board and baton, lap siding, or vinyl.  Your roof can be shingle or coloured steel.  Windows, entrance doors, bay doors, vents, etc., can accent to match and enhance your property.

This 24 ft. x 40 ft. (960 sq. ft.) garage is designed to match an older home.  Board and Baton cladding was used on the exterior.  A shingle roof adds to the look, and matches the existing home.  A concrete floor was poured and two large garage doors were included. 

Location: Brantford/Jerseyville.


This 24 ft. x 40 ft. (960 sq. ft.) building has a 10 ft. wall height, concrete floor, two 9 ft. x 7 ft. bay doors, residential door, one window, steel cladding, and a steel roof. Maintenance free exterior finish. 

Location: Ancaster.


This building is 30 ft. x 60 ft. (1800 sq. ft.) with a wall height of 10 ft., and illustrates some of the wood frame construction.  Coloured steel cladding and trims accent the building to match the house.  Three bay doors allow for easy access for vehicles, and equipment.

Location: Ancaster/Brantford.

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