Viking Building Systems  
63 San Marino, Hamilton, ON L9C 2B6 Office: (905) 388-7846 Cell: (905) 541-4235
Viking Building Kits
If you have construction knowledge or know someone that does, consider adding storage space and save by building your own Viking Building.  We provide a standard, or customized building package suited to your needs.  Our kits include standard drawings, basic instructions, and follow all Ontario Building Codes. 
Wall Height 
24 ft. x 24 ft.    10 ft.  * Delivery to your site.
24 ft. x 32 ft.    10 ft.   * Site graded and foundation constructed
24 ft. x 40 ft.     10 ft.    *All post and framing material.
32 ft. x 32 ft.    12 ft. *Engineered trusses, 2 ft. o/c.
32 ft. x 40 ft.  12 ft.     *Standard drawings.
32 ft. x 48 ft.   12 ft.      *Coloured steel cladding, roof, walls, and trim.
    *Gaskets, fasteners, roof vents. 
    *Two 2 ft. x 3 ft. sliding windows.
Custom sizes also   *One 32 inch x 80 inch entrance door.



Viking comes to your site to grade, drill holes , co-ordinate the footing inspection, stand the posts and provide the gravel base. Consultation is available, if required, during the building of your project.  We can also prepare and pour the concrete floor if you request.

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