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Main Feature

Viking has the answer to your storage, work space needs.  We specialize in Post Foundation construction, which is time-tested, durable, cost efficient, flexible in design and attractive.
Post Foundation is basically a Building in which Vertical load bearing members are Pressure Treated Posts (6"x6") that are placed on a concrete footing 4' below grade. The post must be long enough to support the roof. The Posts serve the functions of Foundation, Bracing, and Framework to which the walls and roof are fastened..

Viking provides Buildings from 500 sq. feet to 5,000 sq. feet for Residential, Hobby Farms, Commercial and Light Industrial use.  The flexibility, shorter construction time, and increase to your property value, make a Viking Post Foundation Building the answer to your needs. 

We provide standard or engineered drawings, apply for permits, and strictly meet or exceed Ontario Building Codes. 

Whether we are constructing your building, or if you purchase a Viking Kit, we will work with you towards a successful completion.   Our attention to detail, and customer satisfaction ensure a positive building experience. 

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